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Tips To Write The Best Dissertation Acknowledgements

Dissertation writing is one of the most important academic projects you will have to undertake in pursuit of a master’s degree. It is an assignment that not only hones your communication skills but also helps you apply concepts taught in class. This paper has several sections and among these is an acknowledgment section.

Why Do You Need A Dissertation Acknowledgement?

Acknowledgements for dissertation play a crucial role in recognizing those who guided you in the research project. This is the only section where you individually thank those who contributed to your paper and it is a crucial section in an academic paper. The fact that your paper might make a great contribution to the discipline makes it essential to have acknowledgements in dissertation.

Like with any other form of academic writing, it is important to follow the correct format and tone of language when writing this section. This article highlights some of the important things to consider to write winning Ph.D. dissertation acknowledgements. Read on.

  • Mention the contributions of other people: This section serves as a tribute to the crucial people who contributed to your project. These include academic advisors and professors, Colleagues, family members, friends and librarians, classmates among others.
  • Keep the acknowledgement short and concise: The best dissertation acknowledgements are short and concise. Avoid going to the specifics of the contributions made by different people because this distracts from the importance of the research.
  • Use a tone of gratitude: Researching a dissertation is not an easy task. Many students abandon their projects due to this pressure. To complete this project, you need help and as such, the acknowledgement gives you a chance to show your gratitude. Use appropriate language to show how grateful you are to the people you mention. Look for dissertation acknowledgements examples to understand the kind of language you should use for this section.
  • Place the most valuable persons in the first place: Your academic advisors and professors should always come first because they have made the greatest contribution to the paper.
  • Include emotional support: While most students focus on the academic support they received when writing an acknowledgement, it is important to include people who offered emotional support including parents, friends and classmates.
  • Mention financial support: Writing a dissertation requires finances and if you have received any financial support along the way, it is important to mention this and specify who offered such support.
  • Right positioning: if you look at most acknowledgements for dissertation samples, the page comes after the approval page. However, if you include a dedication page, your acknowledgement should come after this page.
  • Don’t ask for advice from your supervisor: Now, if you already have the dissertation guidelines, your supervisor expects you to include the section in your paper. It is also natural for them to expect a mention in your acknowledgement and it would thus be preemptive to ask for advice from them on the same.
  • Plan and prepare: Write a list of all those you want to appreciate and acknowledge before you turn to a writing service. Use this list when composing the acknowledgement.

Go ahead and look for a dissertation acknowledgements sample to learn how to write a good acknowledgement effectively.

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